Sunday, April 21, 2013

Color Club Gift of Sparkle Swatch

I am so happy that I got a new lightbox! I could hardly wait to use it once it was delivered! I hope you all like the better quality photos!

Today, I have Color Club Gift of Sparkle. It came in a package of four mini polishes from Sally Beauty Supply around Christmas. This polish is a blue foil that covers the entire nail in one coat. It is scented, like the others in the four-pack, and smells delicious! I can't quite tell what it is supposed to be, but it reminds me of nutmeg or hot chocolate.

For the first picture, I have one coat on all nails and no top coat. It is rather shiny on it's own, but doesn't last long without a top coat.

For the second photo, I used Seche Vite on two nails and NYC Madly Matte on the other two. I love to see glitters and foils mattified! I think this polish is gorgeous, whichever type of top coat you use! The extra good thing about this one is that it can be used any time, not just around the holidays! Gotta love those blues!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this swatch!

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