Sunday, August 25, 2013

Emily de Molly - Oceanic Forces Swatch

After a bit of hiatus due to a wedding, surgery, and many other things, I am back! I couldn't wait to show my new beauty off!

Recently, a friend of mine, Deb, got me a bottle of Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces, which I had been drooling after for quite some time. I absolutely love it!

Oceanic Forces is a deep green/teal crelly with different sized hexes of teal and large teal circle glitters.

The polish went on smoothly and I did not need to use undies to make it opaque. It is a richly pigmented crelly that allows opaqueness while still showing off the gorgeous glitters inside! My only issue with the polish was that I had to do a little fishing for the large circle glitters, but it was well worth the effort!

For this swatch, I used two coats of Oceanic Forces, one coat of Gelous, and one coat of HK Girl top coat to finish it off.

By the way, Gelous is great for smoothing out polishes with chunky glitter or getting that squishy gel manicure look with any polish!

As always, thank you for reading! I hope to see you around again soon! <3

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